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The nominees…Deadline Athens in Perpignan

In Perpignan, France, Deadline Athens was announced to be one of the best web documentaries of the year. At the international festival Visa Pour L’image Deadline Athens was nominated for the Web Documentary Visa d’or Award

In Deadline Athens the audience controls a journalist who travels to Athens to investigate the living conditions of unaccompanied Afghan minors seeking refuge in Europe.

I co-authored the script, directed and co-produced Deadline Athens in cooperation with Lasse Telling, Steven Achiam, Asta Wellejus, PortaPlay among others.

The nominees – and the winner!

North Koreans candidate for Red Cross Award

…Every year thousands of women suffering from starvation and suppression flee from North Korea to China. Some become victims of violence or are forced into marriage, while others continue towards South Korea. Christian priests help the women along the way but “God’s stamp” also endangers their lives. And where does their journey end? We have followed three women in search of freedom – in Shenyang, Bangkok and Seoul.

Amnesty Journal has submitted “The Flight from North Korea” for the German Red Cross Media Award 2010. The jury’s decision will be made in April.

The women’s story has been published in Denmark, Germany, Schwitzerland and Sweden.

German version

Danish version

More photos

For English version follow the link below

Læs mere…

Thomas Aue Sobol nominated for Timbuktu Award

Thomas Aue Sobol has been nominated for the biggest journalist prize in Denmark, the Timbuktu Award, writes Danish Church Aid in a press release 13th of May 2010. The prize of 100.000 Danish kroner (17.000 USD) is awarded for critical journalism from developing countries. The two other nominees are photographer and journalist Jørn Stjerneklar and DanWatch - an ethical watchdog that monitors the social responsibility of Danish and multinational corporations. The award was initiated in 2009 and last years winner was Tom Heinemann. This year, 21 submissions were made for a total of 13 candidates.

The prize ceremony will take place at the Danish Union of Journalists in Copenhagen 7th of June 2010.

Read more about the Timbuktu award here

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